Anna Brandenberger
researcher and resident curious person
math MIT

I study math at an eclectic New England institute. I'm also building Curius, a social bookmarker - check it out!

I dabble in probability theory (statistical physics, random discrete structures, probabilistic analysis of algorithms), quantum information theory and reinforcement learning.

Previously, I spent 10 months as a PSIon in a physics institute surrounded by geese, working with Aukosh. I studied physics & CS (with a dash of math) in a few brutalist blocks in a snowy city, doing research with Luc, Louigi, Prakash and others. During that time, I also had the pleasure of working with great people from SUMS, McGill NeuroTech, the Classical Music Club and MSURJ.

When I'm not scribbling mathematical nonsense, you can find me reading Dostoevsky, creating my next oddly specific Spotify playlist or playing piano and cursing Rachmaninov's handspan.




Here are some relevant publications - for a complete list, see my Google Scholar.

For more samples of code written at 2am, see my GitHub.

Here are a few things I’ve written for various classes on topics that I thought were cool, feel free to check them out (or not)

Some introductory math/CS notes - drop a star if they're useful to you!
A LaTeX CV and resume template

An unordered and incomplete list of faves,


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